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Publicações do Center for Accessible Environments Design Guidence

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Access Audit Handbook
The Access Audit Handbook is an multimedia planning tool for auditing the accessibility of buildings and services, and writing reports in the context of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, funding requirements and best practice in building management. It offers straightforward guidance about undertaking access audits and writing reports to communicate recommendations. The book comes with a series of auditing checklists and a DVD of the award-winning film 'Access Audits: a planning tool for businesses '.
Alison Grant 2005 (ISBN 1-85946-177-8)
Price £35.00 (PDF copy)

This book confronts the dilemmas faced by architects and their clients in making museums and art galleries located in historic buildings more inclusive in response to contemporary access standards and regulations. Includes 14 varied case studies.
Adrian Cave 2007 (ISBN 978 1 85946 175 4)
Price £35.00 (hard copy)

Designing for Accessibility, the Centre's best-selling design guide, is now published as a joint venture with RIBA Publishing. It is the acknowledged benchmark reference and is used as an access standard for grant providers and other organisations. Includes extensive plans and dimensional data illustrating internal and external features that commonly need attention in public buildings.
Andrew Lacey 2004 (ISBN 1 85946 143 3)
Price £22.50

Good Loo Design Guide, also published with RIBA Publishing. Now updated in line with Part M of the Building Regulations and BS 8300:2001, the Good Loo Design Guide takes an inclusive approach to the provision of WCs to suit a wide range of users, and gives guidance on various WC layouts.
Andrew Lacey 2004 (ISBN 1 85946 144 1)
Price £22.50 (PDF copy)

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