sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2009

Futures Places no Porto - Digital Media and Local Cultures

What is Future Places?
Six days of exhibitions and events addressing the potential and the impact of digital media on local cultures.
October 13-17, 2009, in Porto, Portugal.
A project of the UT Austin|Portugal

The FUTURE PLACES Festival is an international competition celebrating digital media work. FUTURE PLACES explores the potential of Digital Media when applied to specific cultural and social environments.

The festival features exhibitions, conferences, workshops, concerts, performances and parties. We are interested in creative and new languages for interactive and media expression, and their impact on local cultures, society and public space.

We want to reach a generation of creators who are breaking conventions. We are addressing this call to those who are blurring the lines not only between disciplines, but also between the real and the virtual and between the commercial, the artistic, and the academic arenas. Mainly, we want to explore the impact of new technologies in "real life". How can new technology build local communities, create new identities, new narratives, and new forms of public interaction?

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