terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2009

Arts, Culture and Blindness

This book explores one of the most powerful myths in modern society: the myth that blind people are incapable of understanding and creating visual arts. In its pages, it explores case studies of blind adults and children, and interviews with art teachers …

Through this enquiry, it aims to contribute not only to an understanding of the pedagogy of the visual arts and education, but also to a consideration of the cultural understanding of myths about blindness and disability in contemporary society, and how education is affected by these systems of belief.

Arts, Culture and Blindness is the first book to present a single study of adult and child art students actually participating in courses in universities and schools for the blind. In doing so it delves into the topic of the culture of education and society and its affects on an understanding of blindness and the visual arts. Furthermore, through an analysis of individual and group behaviour, the book also introduces a new cultural model for studying blindness and disability, investigates the social influences on the nature of blindness and the treatment of people who are blind, and examines the influences that have affected the self belief of blind students and the way they create art.

Fonte: http://www.blindnessandarts.com/

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